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Around 70% of our candidate drivers is expat. We have more than 15 years of experience in teaching expats how to drive in the Netherlands and Amsterdam. All of our instructors speak English and understand that it isn't always easy to combine a full-time job with a driving-course. We also understand that sometimes a driving license is needed (very) fast. We are there to help! Contact us for a introductory lesson.

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Driving school Lima,
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Our instructors will introduce you to the joy of driving, while carefully guiding you through the learning stages. Every candidate driver is unique. Our instructors bring calmness and humor to the car. Driving School Lima tailors its approach to you, whether you are eager for the challenge or might need a little encouragement. Geerlig and Abel are running a friendly driving school, where you are an individual, not a number.

Driving school LIMA is unique in the use of advanced technology to ensure a swift and smooth road towards your Dutch Driving License. You can manage your package and lesson dates conveniently online. The state of the art on board camera system ups the efficiency of your valuable time in the car. After any traffic situation, we can pull up the footage right away and review what happened. This insightful teaching tool prepares you in the best possible way for the day of the Practical Exam.

Be part of the future of sustainable driving in a Tesla at LIMA

Driving a Tesla, powered by the sun

Do you recycle, bring your own bag when shopping and ride your bike when you can? Now you can bring your green lifestyle to your driving as well. LIMA driving school is a forerunner in the transition to sustainable energy. At LIMA, you’ll learn how to drive in the most eco friendly car of the moment, the Tesla model 3. An electric automatic car with zero CO2 emission. Welcome to the future!

And what about the electricity that the Tesla needs? LIMA goes for green by sourcing electricity from Amsterdam Energy, a local renewable energy cooperation (sources from wind, biomass and solar panels).

By learning how to drive in an electric car like the Tesla you have a positive impact on the air quality in Amsterdam. And did you know that the model 3 is almost fully vegan and that Tesla is committing to having a fully vegan car by the end of 2019? By choosing LIMA as your driving school you are part of the future of sustainable driving.

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Do you need your license fast?
driving school Lima is there for you to make it happen. We shall create a tailor made program so you can reach your goal -getting your license- in time. Make an appointment for a free trial-lesson so we can advise you further and create a personalized fast track.

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LIMA instructor starring in Bambi's Drive

After being featured on the hit TV series 'Holland's Worst Driver' (De Slechtste Chauffeur van Nederland), reporter Bambi Bogert decides that it's time she REALLY learns how to drive.

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