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If you've never driven a car before (joyriding not included!), you'll start from scratch. That's why Driving school Lima created a transparent and easy-to-follow plan according to the RIS-method (Drivingcourse In Steps).

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Practical exam

After getting your mandatory Theory Exam, the final step towards your Dutch driving license is the Practical Exam. This is a practical driving test. For your Practical Exam, you'll go to the nearest CBR-location. CBR is the national Dutch Organization for Driving Exams. Your Practical Exam will be with a CBR examiner. On the day of the test, Driving school LIMA Amsterdam drives with you for 1 hour, so you are warmed up for the exam.

The Practical Exam takes 55 minutes, including the preliminary talk and concluding evaluation. First, the examiner checks your ID and explains how the exam works. He also checks your eyesight, having you read a license plate of a car in the parking lot. As you walk up to the car, usually there is a few technical questions.

You'll be driving in the vicinity of CBR. The drive does include entering and exiting the highway. You'll be asked to perform two of the three special maneuvers (parking, turning around or a stop and go assignment). Your skills in independent driving will be tested, either by navigating using gps, following a cluster of instructions, or by driving towards a orientation point like a highrise building. After the Practical Exam, the examiner gives you the Exam result and motivates his decision.

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Theory exam

The exam for the Dutch driving license includes a mandatory Theory Exam. For your Theory Exam, you'll go to the nearest CBR-location. CBR is the national Dutch Organization for Driving Exams. To prepare for this Exam, with Driving school LIMA you have the support of our experienced English speaking trainer. In small groups there's enough room for all your questions about Dutch driving culture. We know it's different! LIMA candidate drivers get access to the Online Practice Module in English for Theory. For more information, see our rates.

You can take the Dutch Theory Exam in English. The Theory Exam takes one hour and consists of 65 multiple choice questions. 25 Questions test your recognition of dangerous situations in traffic. With 12 or less mistakes, you will have passed this part of the Exam. The other 40 questions test your knowledge of the traffic rules. In this section, you are only allowed 5 wrong answers, to pass the Exam. At the end of the hour you immediately get the results of your Exam.

At Lima You learn how to drive in a sustainable way

Responsible and sustainable driving

Car are getting more and more sustainable. The car-industry invests a lot in the reduction of CO² emissions by introducing new start/stop systems, improving aerodynamics to reduce drag and friction. As a driver you have a lot of influence on the amount of CO² you emit. By driving efficiently you'll save 8 to 10 percent on fuel, which is not only good for the environment, but for your wallet too.

At the international Driving school LIMA you will drive in a Volvo V40 or in a Tesla Model 3. These cars have all the newest technology on board, like start/stop systems, cruise control, CO² filters and much more. Their aerodynamic design makes them sustainable and fuel efficient.