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Packages include:

  • X amount of driving lessons
  • CBR Practical exam
  • Usage of the vehicle during the practical exam
  • One hour of driving before the exam
  • Administration fee and taxes

The package can be modified with extra or less lessons, exams and materials. After the introduction lesson you'll receive a tailored estimate of the costs.

If you budgeted more lessons than needed, you'll be refunded the exact price that you paid for those lessons.

Start a course now!


Alle packages are indications. They can be adjusted to your personal situation. The examples below are based on our experience over the last 10 years.

Experienced driver package

Estimation of amount of lessons for people with a foreign driving licence who drove a car on a regular base.
8 lessons (16 hours) + exam € 1085,00

Very experienced driver package

Estimation of amount of lessons for people with a foreign driving licence who drove a car on a regular base in Europ/Netherlands and are familiar Dutch infrastructure and don't have too much 'bad habits in driving' which we have to correct during the lessons..
4 driving lessons (8 hours) + exam € 685,00

From scratch package

40 hours is the average amount of lessons to pass your exam the first time in Amsterdam.
20 driving lesson (40 hours) + interim trial exam + exam € 2490,00

Back on the road again package

Back on te road again packages are designed for people who would like to get familiar with driving again. For example people with with 30% tax ruling who would like to know the Dutch traffic rules, or people who got scared with driving or people who didn't drive for years.
3 lessons (6 hours) € 330,00
5 lessons (10 hours) € 550,00
Extra lesson (2 hours) € 105,00
Additionally you'll need a health declaration (mandatory at 1st Practical Exam, to be paid directly to CBR) € 37,80

Other rates

English Theory exam (you can book it directly via € 40,00
Interim Dutch Practical Driving Trial Exam (only in combination with one of our packages) € 145,00
Practical Dutch Driving Exam € 245,00
Special BNOR (Goverment) Driving Exam € 275,00
Special Performance Anxiety Driving Exam € 300,00

Optional materials

Theory book Driving License Traffic regulations € 29,50
Online theory course 1 month access € 29,95
Online theory course 2 months access € 44,95
Online theory course 3 months access € 54,95
* 21% VAT included in all prices