The enjoyable road to your Dutch driving license

LIMA is the one and only place where you get your Dutch driving license in an enjoyable way. Our patient instructors will teach you to drive in an responsible, safe and sustainable way. But most of all, our calm instructors will bring their humor into the car to soothe the nerves if needed.

Lima instructeur Geerlig van Olst

linkedIn-profiel van Geerlig van Olst Geerlig van Olst

Geerlig is your driving instructor and founder of Driving school LIMA Amsterdam. Since 2008, over 400 candidate drivers from all over the world got their Dutch driving license with Driving school LIMA.

Lima instructeur Abel van Olst

linkedIn-profiel van Abel vban Olst Abel van Olst

In 2014 Abel became instructor and co-owner of Driving school Lima. Abel has extensive international training experience as Manager at luxury hotels in Amsterdam and New York.

LIMA's driving instructor on TV at Bambi's Drive

After being featured on the hit TV series 'Holland's Worst Driver' (De Slechtste Chauffeur van Nederland), reporter Bambi Bogert decides that it's time she REALLY learns how to drive.

Guided by instructor Geerlig, who runs a driving school specialized in expats, Bambi courses through the busy streets of Amsterdam, evading cyclists, dodging tourists, and trying to master the fine art of shifting gears.

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